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Gauguin Catalogue Raisonne /Anglais The present work covers the youth and early maturity of this pioneering artist and attempts a summation. It also offers a complete catalogue of the paintings, in the process thoroughly updating the original Wildenstein catalogue of 1964. These first two volumes take the reader through to the end of 1888, a year of profound upheavel in French painting. That was the year in which Gauguin and his friends, by a collaborative effort, arrived at Synthetism and, by rejecting representation in depth, freed Western painting of laws that had governed it since the Renaissance. Daniel Wildenstein Skira 27/05/2002 9788884911377 526 franais Amazon.com.fr Novela kindle PDF Descr_5 http://t2lgo.com/daXkF?sid1=promo&pass[filename]=gauguin_Catalogue_Raisonne_/Anglais.pdf http://st-gingolph.info/img/pdf_fr.png gauguin Catalogue Raisonne /Anglais.pdf gauguin Catalogue Raisonne /Anglais.epub gauguin Catalogue Raisonne /Anglais.mp3