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Gives you the low down on anal sex positions and techniques. Anal sex can be a very pleasurable experience leading to a special bond between each other. There are many delightful options available to experience anal pleasure. Anal fissure (fissures) is a very painful condition caused by trauma to the anus and anal canal, which then cuts or tears the anus and anal canal tissue. These tears can be caused by straining to have a bowel movement, hard stools, and chronic episodes of diarrhea. Symptoms include rectal bleeding, anal itching, and painful bowel movements. Anal canal sex Anal canal sex Anal canal sex

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Anal canal sex Anal canal sex Warren; Carol Rinkleib Ellison []. Several surgeons have described procedures that stretch and tear the anal sphincters for the treatment of anal fissures. Long-term incontinence should not occur after partial lateral internal sphincterotomy because the internal sphincter is less important than the external sphincter which is not cut in controlling the passage of stool. Human sexuality and sexology. Anal canal sex is likely that the pun on the name is sexual: Most people agree that we maintain virginity as long as we refrain from sexual vaginal intercourse. Sexuality and Anal canal sex in Indonesia.
Anal canal sex Anal canal sex
Anal canal sex Anal canal sex
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